Success Stories

Want to know what Elevate could do for you? Read on to hear just some of the great stories our community has shared with us since being part of the programme.

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Mentor: Ben Turner | MD | Wonder

Since starting WONDER London, I've worked with a couple of mentors and always found them to be extremely beneficial and after 3 years I brought on my mentor as our FD.

So, when I was approached by Elevate to become a mentor I jumped at the chance, so I could share some of the wisdom and advice which was given to me.

From the start the communication from the Elevate team was thorough and my partnered mentee had a relevant business need which made the session we had together productive.

On top of the mentor sessions Elevate hosted some great events which allowed all mentors to share their experience which was nice as it was the first time most of the mentors had been on that side of the fence.

I can't wait for the Elevate mentoring programme to start again and get involved where I can.


mentee: jUNIOR account director

I applied after hearing about the programme through a work colleague. I'd hit a particularly difficult point in my career and the Elevate mentoring programme really has helped me to get through it, overcome my challenges and get back on track to where I want to be in my career journey. 

 I got partnered with an Events Director and found we were immediately compatible during our first meeting, so a great partnership. My Mentor has given me some great advice on specific situations and how to handle these, as well as some general advice for developing my career and getting to where I wish to be with the creation of long and short term goals. 

I'd highly recommend the mentorship programme for anyone who really wants to excel in their career but isn't sure how to make the next move. My mentor helped me across the board with things such as boosting my confidence, all the way through to practical skills such as how to be better heard in meetings and things I can also do outside of my day to day role to improve my key skills.