Who are they?


The mentors are CEO's, entrepreneurs, creative directors, venue managers, freelancers, client managers, brand experience directors, suppliers and creative designers from the likes of Innocent, Jack Morton, Sony, Amplify, Geometry, L'Oreal, Pretty Green, Clive, Sequoia Partnership, Seen, Campaign Magazine, MCI Experience, Santander and many more.

They have a wealth of experience and have been in the industry for over 500 years between them (OK, so we might have made that last bit up).

The long and short of it is, we're lucky to attract the best of the best from across the industry to join us and share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise. We’re also lucky to have mentors from every stage and area of the event industry, so we really can and do help people at every level of their career.

And the list of mentors is growing all the time.